Return Policy

PDX RV offers troubleshooting manuals for appliances, slide-out systems and nearly all electrical components we sell. These are in PDF format and we will email them to you free of charge to help you ensure that you are ordering the correct part to fix your particular issue. If you elect not to use this service and find that the part you ordered is not the part you need, it is not returnable if it has been installed. We do not sell used parts. On parts that are returned for reasons other than defects or damage due to shipping, we assess a 20% fee from the refund amount charged for the part, and PDX RV will not reimburse for the initial shipping charge, nor pay for the return shipping of the item. PLEASE NOTE: Once ANY part purchased has been installed/used that part CAN NOT be returned.  If you are unsure that the part being ordered is the correct one, please fill out the "contact us/technical support form." 

We understand that there are instances of defective parts.

We test electrical parts prior to shipment, and only sell new parts bought directly from the manufacturer or one of their distributors in order to help limit defective parts from making it to our customers.

PDX RV will not accept a return of an electrical part once it has been installed and or connected, this can be determined by testing it once it's returned to us. Please call or email us to find out the warranty procedure for the specific item you ordered. Some of the products we offer are under warranty by the manufacturer, and if that is the case then we will assist you in establishing a warranty claim for that product based on that manufacturers warranty procedures.



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