Atwood Water Heater Ignition Control Module Kit , 91363

Atwood Water Heater Ignition Control Module 91363

Replaces Part Number: 91504

Please Note: For older Models With Post Electrode Connection. If your electrode has 2 wire leads then you must order the full kit as your old electrode will not work with the new ignition control board.
Replaces 91420 & 91606

Applicable for models: GCH6-4E; GCH6-6E; GCH6-7E; GC6A-7E; GCH6A-7E; GCH6A-8E; GCH6A-9E; GC6AA-7E; GC6AA-8E; GC6AA-9E; GCH10A-2E; GCH10A-3E; GC10A-2E; GC10A-3E; G10-1E; GH10-1E; G610-3E; GH610-3E; G10-2E; G10-3E; GC10-1E; GC10-2E; GH10-2E; GH10-3E; G6A-2E; GH6-3E; G6A-3E; GH6-3E; GH6-4E; G6A-4E; G6A-6E; G6A-7E; G6A-8E; GH6-6E; GH6-7E; GH6-8E 

Not Applicable to: GCH6A-10E; GC6AA-10E; GC10A-4E; GCH10A-4E (ORDER PART# 93851)

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